Rossella graduated in 1992 in Milan with a degree in Philosophy. She lived in New York where she studied Film Direction and Creative writing at the New York FilmAcademy. While there, she wrote and directed the short film “Bambi” and other shorts participated at a number of other film.

After her experience in New York, she worked as assistant director on a number of features, working with Renato de Maria, Franco Citti and others and worked as an author with Rai TV. She wrote the script for Mai dire gatto, directed by Giorgio Tirabassi, which was awarded as best short film in many international film festivals and awarded in Italy with the prestigious prize David di Donatello. She has developed the script Bianca-Neve (purchased by KublaKhan films) and the treatment for a TV Film Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour (Barter Films). Rossella wrote and directed the short film Wanted in Rome (2008), selected in various international film festivals and winner of the Murgia film festival, selected as Italian representative in the European Short Film Showcase at the Bali Film Festival and Jakarta Film Festival.

She has developed the script of Controra (Midday Demons) together with scriptwriter Francesco Piccolo. She is presently working on a script with the American director Darnell Martin (last film: Cadillac Records starring Adrian Brody, Jeff Wright and Beyoncè) with working title of Princess of Palermo. She is also working on a new project Katabasi.



Katabasi (story and script) (in development )

Princess of Palermo (story and script with Darnell Martin) (in development – Dandi Inc NYC)

Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour (TV film) (in development – Barter films)

Bianca Neve   (script – KublaKhan Films)

Controra (story and script) (pre-production)                                                          2013

Wanted in Rome (short) (story and script)                                                          2008

Non dire gatto (short) (story)(David di Donatello Award Best Short Film)               2001


Controra                                                                                                          2013

Wanted in Rome (short)                                                                                 2008

Bambi (short)                                                                                                  2000


Hotel Paura by Renato De Maria – Assistant Director

Esercizi di stile by Sergio CittiAssistant Director

Grimm (TV Series – episode by Darnell Martin) – Personal Director assistant